Hillary Does What Democrats Should Do: Make Like FDR

All I know is that the economic policies of the past forty years have not worked for the most of us, the income inequality in this country is off the charts. Bill Clinton was part of the problem, he is a Wall Street democrat, he signed into law the repeal of Glass Steagal, he deregulated commodities and he partnered with Gingrich to overhaul welfare producing disastrous results for the poor. Can Hillary sever herself from that neoliberal philosophy? I hope she has taken Bernie Sanders exceedingly popular and powerful economic platform to heart and to her soul, she needs to bring the power of government back to the people where it should be, we need to embrace the concept of government for the people, of the people and by the people. As Bernie Sanders aptly put it we need a new New Deal. If Hillary Clinton follows this proven path laid out by F.D.R she will have kept her word to the people she wants to serve so desperately.
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