Donald Trump: Clinton Can Only Win Pennsylvania If ‘They Cheat’

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee are purposefully trying to undermine the legitimacy of our democratic process in any way they can, it is appalling. It is getting to be overwhelming just watching from the sidelines, Trump’s words are so toxic, so demoralizing that I try to shield myself as much as possible. I actively look for articles that speak to what our government is doing for us, the people, but with Trump’s campaign and the media’s 24 hour news cycle, you can’t escape Trump, congress is on vacation again, so the people are being ignored once more. I believe Trump is calling fraud this early to give himself cover if he loses, by a lot or by a little, it won’t matter, it will still be a loss. It’s a low blow to call into question the legitimacy of elections, however I shouldn’t be surprised, Trump did seek to undermine President Obama’s right to his office. 
Read the article:


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