U.S. Won’t Reschedule Marijuana, But Will Open Up Research Opportunities

As someone who is living with cancer, thankfully I live in MA, so medical marijuana is an option, I am only a little bit happy that at least the Feds are open to conducting research into marijuana for medical purposes on our behalf. Haven’t the D.E.A officials been paying attention? Our decades long war on drugs doesn’t work, all it did was make us the number one incarcerator in the world, break up thousands maybe even millions of minority families because our drug laws and enforcement were predominantly racist in nature and create a prison industrial complex, as if having a military industrial complex wasn’t bad enough. This is another example as to why we need money out of politics, I bet big pharma is behind keeping marijuana as a class 1 schedule drug, if our government would decriminalize marijuana and funded medical research, we would perhaps stop having an opioid addiction epidemic because cannabis has so many health benefits with none of the dangerous side effects such as poisoning your liver and kidneys, chronic constipation or trouble sleeping. It is so frustrating knowing that your vote can be thwarted by powerful lobbyists which is why it is doubly important for everyone to do their homework regarding the issues important to them and still get out and vote. Hopefully in time, with every tiny step made in the right direction regarding cannabis, we are that much closer to having it legalized not only medically but recreationally as well.
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