Elizabeth Warren Was Not Pleased With Donald Trump’s Economic Policy Speech

I love my senator Elizabeth Warren, she can take dry economic content and put it in easily understood language that makes sense to the lay person. She slays Trump on Twitter like a champ with fact and wit. I still can’t understand how Trump supporters continue to be duped by this walking, talking fraud. His economic platform is all about continuing the unfair trickle down economic policies of the 1970’s, 1980’s and 2000’s with added deregulation for that extra special destructive kick. His latest point for jobs is to have car manufacturers leave Michigan in search of states who have right to work laws, get the automakers used to having these jobs be less than living wage jobs, he also counseled them to search for states that have less environmental regulations, advising that this play will strengthen their negotiating capabilities by strong arming Michigan into abandoning union jobs if they want their automotive plants back. Trump wants to make the United States a right to work nation so we are wage competitive with China and Mexico. Who can afford to live like that? Trump thinks the average person is paid too much. Trump will not change Washington D.C for the better for working Americans, he will make America the same as it is for the wealthy, an awesome place to live.
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