Friday Talking Points — A Warning For Complacent Democrats

This essay written by Eric Varela is one of the most powerful I have read in a long time. He voiced what I have been thinking ever since I threw my hat in for Bernie Sanders at the very beginning. I too am bothered that Hillary Clinton isn’t doing more to be more inclusive, she isn’t extending more enthusiasm for the young and most hopeful of us all. She is failing in making this election about possibilities, instead she is making it about business as usual and that, unfortunately, is exactly what the 99% don’t want. Business as usual only serves corporate America and Wall Street, Main Street needs a disruption, we need something because so many of us are just hanging on, we need an infusion of change now, not someday. I know Hillary Clinton isn’t the sum of what the Republican Party has painted her out to be these past 25 years, she has done a lot of good, she has shifted to the left, thanks to Bernie Sanders, but we are nervous that she may shift back to the center because that is what her husband did to be practical and expedient, that is what is on the minds of progressives. This election is a difficult one for Bernie supporters, we don’t want a Trump presidency so I will vote for Hillary Clinton, but I worry that she will pivot away from the promises she made during the primary. We need to listen to Bernie Sanders, get more progressives in state legislatures, build a stronger third party from the ground up and then be better positioned for a presidential election next time.
Read the article:


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