North Carolina Governor Is Ready To Take Voter ID Fight To The Supreme Court

Governor McCrory apparently is tone deaf and policy blind if he cannot understand what his state’s Court of Appeals communicated to his state and to the nation. On the other hand, maybe he did understand exactly what his restrictive voter laws were all about, the disenfranchisement of thousands and thousands at the voting booth; those voters just happen to be those who would most likely vote the democrat ticket. That in and of itself is a cynical ploy, a fraudulent use of power to restrict the one area the people have to actually practice self-determination. Voting is a practice of self-determination, you are voting to empower another to act on your behalf, at least that is the hope and to have someone in power actively hamper your access to that right is unconscionable. I hope the Supreme Court will at last acknowledge that their previous determination that racism is dead in the south was wrong, racism is sadly still alive and racist policy actively shapes people’s experience for the worse. The Supreme Court must leave this appellate decision alone for now, perhaps if they revisit this case next year, they will redress their original error that led to this horrible law. 
Read the article:


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