It’s Way Past Time For Us To Stop Deluding Ourselves About Private Health Insurers

This is why we need a public option, health insurance should not have profits imbedded in its model, I would argue it is criminal, holding people hostage, forcing them to choose between healthcare access and other necessities in life. This news is very worrisome, I don’t know how the ACA will holdup without enough healthcare insurance companies participating in the marketplaces, I’m not even sure if this possibility was even considered when the ACA was pieced together. Who could have predicted that big healthcare insurers would voluntarily remove themselves from the marketplace? Why did we ever think it to be okay to reduce people to the role of consumer in medicine? With the state of congress being the way it is, a deadlock situation, I don’t see how they would come together to tweak the law to accommodate for this new development so that the American people don’t suffer too much either in terms of health or financially. When are the days of choosing between healthcare and rent, food and other bills going to be over?
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