With Congress On Break, Zika Funding Runs Out This Month

This is what happens when you entrust the public safety of our nation to a party that doesn’t believe in science. Poor Florida, they are at ground zero for climate change ramifications in terms of rising sea levels, insect related disease and stronger storm systems, but they vote republican. I don’t understand it. Their governor despises the federal government yet when the chips are down, he quickly calls the CDC, the federal government comes in handy during a crisis like this, doesn’t it? Each and every crisis just hammers home the need for every vote, each voice counts. if you look at the electorate turnout from previous elections, you realize that our lawmakers were voted in by a small percentage of the electorate, 33%, think about it, our government’s mandate was determined by just 1/3 of our population. That is insane. Our problems are too great to be decided by such a small grouping of people. We need to get to the polls en masse!
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