North Carolina Voter ID Law Targeted African-Americans, Appeals Court Rules

Intentionally gaming the system just proves that the offending party knows they are in the wrong, since they can’t use conventional methods to achieve their goals they must resort to underhanded tactics to get what they want. Restrictive voting laws, and congressional redistricting are two powerful methods the Republican Party has used to keep their ideological platform alive and well. Our democracy allows for healthy debate, dissension and alternate world views, but when one party goes against the rules or manipulates the rules, it becomes a social and political injustice. Our nation has gone through intense growing pains to become a more fair, just and inclusive society, we don’t need the Republican Party to unwind the clock, it isn’t right. They need to understand that you never advance by keeping others behind. I fundamentally believe in Hillary’s tag line, Stronger Together, it is a truism that we must embrace because that is how we truly advance, by doing it together.
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