America Has Finally Put A Woman At The Top Of The Ticket

Reading about Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech has been a revelation, the positivity and the enthusiasm wasn’t surprising, I’m thrilled by her speech, her plans and the historic aspect of her nomination, but I was both shocked and distressed by the tone of the negative tweets, many were as superficial as to focus on the sound of her voice, nothing about the content of her speech, only the sound of her voice as if they wanted to either turn her off or tune her out. Hillary Clinton has an important voice, she has a tremendous amount of things to say and also do, but before doing she needs to tell us what she envisions and to do that she needs to use her words, so yes we will be listening to her voice. It is so frustrating that Donald Trump doesn’t get belittled for the sound of his voice, he gets belittled by the content of his speeches, but not the sound of his voice. I can list the adjectives that describe women, shrill, hysterical, screech, and loud; unattractive descriptions and I would argue unfairly assigned to women. When men yell, they are being strong or authoritative, sometimes seen as bullying, but it doesn’t seem to effect them as badly as when women are described as shrill or loud. We are at a historic moment, we should be applauding Hillary Clinton, not knocking her down because the sound of her voice may be displeasing, her words have much more substance than forced air coming out of her vocal cords, we should be listening not just hearing.
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