Obama Praises ‘The America I Know,’ Says Hillary Clinton Is The One To Lead It

I may disagree with some of his decisions, but it has never gotten in the way of my deep admiration for this man. I am so proud to have had him as my President, he has filled the office with dignity, intelligence, compassion and hope. As a man, he has shown us to be a loving and devoted family man. All I can say is that he took the measure of America’s pulse after the awful week of fear and hate and delivered the exact speech that the nation needed to smooth our troubled spirits. He reminded us that we are always stronger and better together, that if we choose to do so, we can make things happen together and the essence of the American ideal is still alive and kicking, it is up to us to unleash it and harness that essence. I will miss our President so much when he leaves our White House. Clinton/Kaine 2016 #NeverTrump
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