Americans Are Finally Comfortable With The Idea Of A Female Presidential Nominee

I have always wondered why the United States has lagged behind other nations when it came to electing women to positions of power. I mean Sri Lanka elected its female leader back in 1960 back when it was still known as Ceylon, India followed suit just six years later with its election of Indira Ghandi and the list goes on with Israel and so on throughout the world. We tell ourselves that our nation is the land of opportunity, but as a nation we have had issues with allowing others into seats of power if they were not male Anglosaxon Protestants, I remember reading about the controversy revolving around JFK’s Catholicism and that was just religion. I think that we have to acknowledge just how much of a closed door policy we have in this country, we like to think that we give equal opportunity to everyone, but in reality our society was built from the beginning to give advantage to those who looked exactly like the founding fathers. It was only through protest, courage, determination, blood, sweat and tears that others have demanded and gotten their seats at the table. There may be things about Hillary Clinton that give me pause, but I sincerely admire her intelligence, her determination, her gumption, her stubbornness and her courage. She is a diehard, if I have had to endure her trials by humiliation, hate and negativity, I would have given up, not she. She is a fighter and she has my vote.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I’m not a historian on this topic, but I wonder if other countries having a queen in their history was what opened them up to electing women heads of state. This idea is not flawless, though, since England had strong queens in her history, yet Margaret Thatcher still contended with sexism. But maybe it has something to do with it.

    1. Excellent point James, after I wrote my post, I thought about England specifically along the same lines you alluded in your comment. 😀

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