Democrats And Republicans Agree: Michelle Obama Absolutely Nailed It

I would put Michelle Obama in the same category as Eleanor Roosevelt, they are the two greatest First Ladies in the history of our nation. Michelle Obama has an infinite source of grace and patience, I know she is exceptionally intelligent, but her compassion, her capacity for forgiveness is immeasurable. I am so proud to have voted twice for our first family, I will be so sad come next year to see them leave our White House. How do you follow an example like that? I have had my share of misgivings over some of our President’s foreign policy measures, such as the drone program that rains terror and destruction over the Middle East at times killing innocents, not pushing hard for a public option in the early days of the ACA, he is pushing for it now, and not pushing the DOJ to prosecute bankers, but overall I am so proud of what President Obama has accomplished. Michelle Obama on the other hand, there is nothing but praise, she has worked so hard on the behalf of others, she has kept her head up high despite all of the racist and hateful commentary that has plagued her for the past 7 1/2 years and she has been an exemplary role model for children and young adults everywhere. She will be sorely missed.
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