Bernie Sanders Supporters Disrupt The Democratic Convention

We the people have very few tools to effect our democracy, voting and protesting are two of them and I’m glad to see Bernie Sanders supporters out there protesting and showing their support for their guy. Hopefully it will serve as a reminder to Hillary Clinton that she doesn’t have the election in the bag, the Democratic Party has a fairly large number of progressives under its umbrella and they count as much as those mysterious independents the media is assuming she is courting because of her V.P selection. I will be voting for Hillary come November as I know Bernie’s supporters will as well because no one on the left wants a Trump presidency. However that being said, Hillary has to address her negative numbers that show up eve within her own party, I think she needs to reach out to the Bernie supporters and to Bernie himself and show him the respect he deserves and acknowledge their concerns. I understand the need for party unity, but there is a reason we use the metaphor umbrella, it covers a myriad of sensibilities and priorities and each should have a place at the table and be heard, that is the reason for conventions. Hillary will be our nominee, we will support her, vote for her, but before all is said and done, we need to extend respect to other voices.
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