Hillary Clinton Names Tim Kaine As Her Running Mate

I feel like throwing my hands up in the air, Hillary Clinton seems to be tone deaf to the progressive branch of the Democratic Party when it comes to financial and trade issues. Granted Hillary Clinton has changed her stance on the TPP and now it seems that Kaine has as well, but it is hard to forget that they were for it before they were against it and their conversions seem to coincide with Bernie Sanders popular vocal opposition over it. I don’t think that neither Clinton nor Kaine grasp how angry middle class and working class America are that Wall Street and the big banks haven’t been prosecuted and held accountable for the trillions they gambled away in 2008, how deeply the pain went and how unjust it has been that the 1% have garnered all of the rewards and benefits that has been our economic “recovery”. I have read many accounts of Tim Kaine, he is a good man, a good public servant and I would vote for him, my criticism lies in his friendliness towards Wall Street and the banking industry. At this point we need to stop thinking that a strong stock market means a healthy economy, I want to hear Tim Kaine speak about a strong Main Street, I want to hear economic proposals aimed at making Main Street a priority, over and above what Wall Street wants, Wall Street is a part of our system, not the foundation of our system, the people are what make up the foundation, you forget them, you haven’t anything solid to build upon, just projections, risk and “confidence”, feelings that come easily crashing down around us.
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