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Bernie Sanders Channels FDR To Explain What ‘Democratic Socialism’ Means To Him

Bernie Sanders was right to remind us of F.D.R’s vision of a second bill of rights, it may not have been passed right then and there when F.D.R referenced it during his 1944 State of the Union address, his vision was later incorporated into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by almost all nations. […]

Hillary Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders’ Progressive Agenda

This article reminds us to balance everything within proper context, it is irresponsible to critique a plan without examining it in its entirety. I fear that Hillary Clinton isn’t bold enough for this nation, we have 40 years of neo-liberal policies to combat, and if liberals were to be honest, President Clinton’s 8 years weren’t […]

GOP Demagoguery Over Refugees Sinks to New Low

Any hint of refusal is not only reclaiming our hideous position of quasi-xenophobia, but it will just exacerbate the refugee crisis. If one does any reading beyond that of conservative sources, then one will realize that the refugee crisis is a humanitarian crisis, those poor souls are fleeing the same monsters who attacked Beirut, Paris […]

House Bill Would Make It Harder To Prosecute White-Collar Crime

No, no and a thousand times no, enough with the Republican Party treating corporations as something to be placed on a pedestal, absent from any accountability or responsibility while the rest of us are penalized, prosecuted and sometimes jailed for the crime of being poor. If this sounds melodramatic, it is because it is dramatic, […]

Hillary Clinton Is Pulling Away From Bernie Sanders With Union Endorsements

I am surprised that there aren’t more unions lining up behind Bernie Sanders, but perhaps Saturday night’s debate will have changed that because he clearly was the winner. I found that Bernie articulated his positions and his vision with passion, facts and long term focus. His is not a frivolus candidacy, he has a distinct […]

Parisians Show Solidarity And Strength From Paris To New York

Vive la France! I have been reading amazing articles all day, each one about the strength and courage of the French, from scores of them standing on line, waiting to donate blood, to last night opening their doors to those who needed shelter and then, rising to the defense of muslims against those who were […]

Supreme Court To Hear Abortion Case That Could Erode Roe v. Wade

Reading this sobering account of yet another challenge to Roe v Wade accepted to be heard by the Supreme Court makes me nervous and anxious. I realize that there are many positive undercurrents nevertheless, Justice Kennedy has ruled correctly the last time and we now have additional case law to bolster Roe v Wade’s survival. […]

Democrats And Republicans Agree More Than You’d Think About Kim Davis And Abortion Rights

I empathized with the young African American woman who seemed confused by where to place herself with the Pro-Life question, it seemed almost counter-intuitive for a democrat because historically democrats are against the death penalty, against war, support gun control and so their positions indicate a healthy respect for the sanctity of life, however a […]

The Killer Question Republicans Couldn’t Answer Tuesday Night

I think that Republican politicians fail to realize that despite what their donors may say behind closed doors, business in general doesn’t prefer a Wild West type of economy, there is too much uncertainty when everyone is flying by the seat of their pants. I have an inkling that Democrats and their ethos, their ideology […]

The VA Can’t Seem To Fix A Computer Glitch That’s Denying Health Care To 29,000 Combat Vets

I believe this type of mistake occurs whenever you put barriers in place to exclude certain groups from benefits as opposed to others. In my opinion if you are a veteran of the United States military, you should be automatically enrolled, no matter in which capacity you served, you gave months, years of your life […]