It’s #TimeToChoose Climate-Friendly Food

As the Climate Change talks in Paris shift and develop over different topics, each meal served at these talks should be reflective of the theme inherent in these talks; sustainability, economical in terms of energy and resource usage and de-industrialization. I believe that we have been fed a bunch of lies regarding what laissez faire capitalism in the form of neo-liberal economic policies can do for society as a whole on a global scale. Our planet has an amazing capacity for self-healing, but at the rates that we have been abusing her, the damage is outpacing her regenerative capabilities. I have been reading so many exciting articles about regenerative agricultural practices, we have neglected our soil for far too long, moreover there are so many organic ways to nurse our oceans, our lakes, our rivers and our soil back to health, we could put agrochemical companies out of business. I can’t help but think that we have gone down a very wrong path, bigger is most definitely not better. For example, we never really needed Walmart, our system of small businesses, while maybe not millionaire making, but it provided a wonderful diverse patchwork of locally realized commerce. The same can be said about agriculture, we have been fed this myth that industrialization is the only way to feed the world, yet we have an obesity crisis in the developed world while simultaneously children are starving both in the developed and developing worlds. Our problem lies in distribution, not supply, we can go back to small farming sourcing their communities, keeping the carbon footprint small, while we help invest in micro loans to women in villages giving them the power to determine their own agricultural needs and plans. There are so many ways to tackle our climate change challenges, we need to shift away from neo-liberal policies entirely and go back to smaller and smarter. I hope the leaders in Paris will come to see the intelligence in this, I know that protestors are there to remind them of these alternatives.
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