2016 Republican Contenders Silent On Planned Parenthood Shooting

I can’t see how any Republican presidential candidate could honestly respond without sounding like a heartless person or a hypocrite. These candidates all support not only the second amendment, but they support the spirit of the second amendment such as it was written back in the 1700’s. This latest mass murder/domestic terrorist took the Planned Parenthood clinic hostage with the intent on inflicting the most pain and carnage possible. This act of horrific violence was against an organization that was borne out of the need to address a specific woman’s issue, the right to choose, every other service Planned Parenthood provides has grown out of the fact that they are such a necessary resource in the abortion realm that women have used them for other needs, such as contraception, cancer screenings, STI’s and men have been finding its services helpful as well. I respect the idea of religion, even though I don’t practice myself, but I draw the line at someone trying to impose their religious values onto others, abortion is legal, no amount of religious belief will, as of today, render abortion against the law, so these Republican presidential candidates need to keep their anti-abortion rhetoric within the realm of reason and rationality. People died at Planned Parenthood because some religious fanatic decided he had the right to impose his beliefs onto others by any means necessary. Does this sound familiar? This is so depressing, I wish it hadn’t happened, those poor people losing their lives, just like all of the other victims of the every other senseless mass shooting, mass bombing, mass murder. When will any of this just stop?
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