Obama Tells Americans Not To Panic About Terrorism Heading Into Holidays

I don’t understand the level of fear that is out there. Yes we were attacked on 9/11/2001, but since then, we have been very fortunate thanks to the diligence of various government agencies and our local police departments. I think part of my confusion lies with the lack of movement regarding mass shootings, basically the American people can go about their lives, never knowing whether a troubled white male will lose it and take out their whatever on the nearest target, but the thought of possible “others” from across the ocean keeps them up and night. I don’t understand. I wish we would concentrate on the items that we can actually control, such as demanding that our legislators interest themselves in getting the working class back on the way up, instead of facilitating the preeminence of the wealthy and corporate America versus the stagnation of the rest of us, we could also have our Department of Justice make recommendations to congress regarding white collar crime and the need to tighten the laws around them, instead of sitting back and writing legislation allowing for “mistakes” by the corporate world. I mean are we really going to allow the Republican Party to make 2016 all about terrorism, denying aid to refugees and turning our backs once again on the 99% because as I look around, the issues that created the Occupy movement haven’t even been addressed, and so we are still living with the same inequalities, the same economic injustices and the same sense of being invisible. Bernie Sanders is the candidate for the masses, for the Occupiers and for everyone who wants to live in a society that believes we are in this together. He also doesn’t want to create more veterans, he wants to take care of the ones we already have, he is against endless war and so am I. Bernie2016.
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