Friday Talking Points — A Knee-Jerk Week

 I worry for the elections next year, if the people don’t get their fears under control, we may have a President Trump installed in the White House. I’ll never forget a scene from the movie Dune, “fear is the mindkiller” truer words aren’t often spoken. How many democrats lost their reason this past week for them to side with the House republicans putting the refugee plans on “pause”, don’t they realize they are adding fuel to the fire by abandoning these poor people to the hell they are trying to escape. Our next election should be about reason, fairness, equality and common ground, we need to rebuild our nation and we need to recommit our resources to our own backyard, instead we are being brainwashed by corporate media into always being frightened. We should be stronger than that. There is strength in peace and compassion, we should be rallying around Bernie Sanders’ words and strategies, not only in regards to the Middle East, but especially in all matters domestic, we have to invest in our youth, we have to invest in our farmers and our small business people. I think we have swung too far to the right over the past forty years, we should give Bernie Sanders and his plan the chance to to achieve what history has shown us possible, F.D.R was able to achieve it, I say we do it once again. Bernie 2016.
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