States of Fear

I am embarrassed by the House democrats who voted with the Republican scaremongers, I am embarrassed by my Governor, Charles Baker, who stood by his party and voted for fear, racism and unChristian values. These refugees are fleeing from the very enemy, the world is banding together against to vanquish and eradicate, we need to show solidarity and compassion for these political and environmental refugees because unfortunately for them, climate change played a part in their plight, excessive years of drought brought about starvation and despair. Haven’t these poor people suffered enough? We are telegraphing to our children, our grandchildren and the rest of the world that we are cowards, that we are not the exceptional people we tell the world we are and we indulge in fear before we let our better nature come to the forefront. How sad is it on our past record that Anne Frank wrote pleading for refugee status and we denied her, look how that turned out for her and her family. Let us not forget the internment camps, let us not forget how horribly we treated the Chinese when they came here fleeing their famine and helped build our railroads. I want our elected representatives to step up to the plate and honor the concept that Alexis Toqueville put forth during his grand tour of our new country. He exalted this new democracy and we should be bound to respect that homage.
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