Want To Reduce Illegal Immigration? End The Drug War.

We have to end the drug war, we have to stop interfering in other nascent democracies both across the Atlantic and south of our border and we need to wake up and smell the roses. We, along with Europe, are reaping what we have sown, we, during both the 19th and 20th centuries, shamelessly exploited those who were weaker and disadvantaged, all for trade, resources and cheap labor. We made a disaster of their countries, distorted their trade to our benefit and we wonder why these people come to our shores trying to escape misery in the hopes of finding something less dangerous and more constructive, only to find themselves on the receiving end of anger, racism and deportation. Instead of our politicans trying to outcrazy each other, we should be passing serious legislation to put in place that will change the structural deficiencies that have led to spurts of illegal immigration. We are not the mecca the Republicans think we are, I am sure that if conditions were safer and more hopeful for those illegal immigrants, they would much rather stay at home with their family, living their own culture, speaking their own language. We have created dangerous war zones in so many areas of the world; the Middle East, Central America and South America since the 1950’s, we have evidence to prove this, when are we going to at least learn from our aggressions? 
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