Jimmy Carter Reflected On Personal, Presidential Accomplishments In Moving Press Conference

I think that former President Carter had been unfairly judged and far too quickly after his single term in office; speaking of his single term,he called it correctly, if only he had ordered the second helicopter, he would have been re-elected and we would have been spared one of the worst presidencies of modern times, the Reagan presidency. President Carter’s mistake was a lesson for President Obama, the failed attempt in Carter’s time was a valuable learning curve for a future crisis. However if he had ordered the second one, we wouldn’t have been dealt the awful experience of supply-side economics, intensive deregulation and severe across the board spending cuts in our government administration and federal support to our states. We might not be in the mess we are in if he had had a second term. However that was in the past and can’t be changed, however President Carter has used his time on this planet wisely, with grace, dignity and selflessness. His writings about women rights and the violence done to them in the name of religion have been such a gift to women rights advocates everywhere. His work for Habitat for Humanity has been crucial to the organization’s success and his work in eradicating the New Guinea worm should be a lesson to all public servants. He will be remembered later in history as one of the most honorable men to have ever served as President of our nation. We were lucky to have been served by him. 
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