Supreme Court Upholds Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission

I find it amusing that Arizona’s Republican Party was fine with the Independent Commission until it lost its seats after the 2012 elections, which propelled it to challenge the Commission on constitutional grounds only to lose their case and now they have cemented the validity of Independent Commissions nationwide; this can be a huge win against gerrymandering and democracy as a whole. I have seen district maps after gerrymandering and they are literally caricatures of what those districts used to look like, it is embarrassingly artificial and now to finally have something concrete in place such as an independent commission comprised of two republicans and two democrats with a nonpartial head to balance the equation is a sign of the times; there was not equal representation under the law, rather there was manipulation under the court system and it is high time that it is finished. The House after the 2014 elections should not be controlled by the Republican Party, in fact it should be under Democratic control because if you count the votes, in 2014 the democrats won through sheer numbers, yet under gerrymandering the House reverted back to the Republians, it makes no sense and unfortunately it makes for very poor policy as we have seen. Unfortunately for us the people, the Republican Party’s only recourse to keep their power in congress is through archaic power plays, restrictive voting measures and manipulative districting maneuvers, these measures are about to be thrown out of their tool box and it is high time if only for the health of our democracy. 

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