Obama Gives Impassioned Eulogy At Clementa Pinckney’s Funeral With Comments On Confederate Flag, Racism

As I was watching our President deliver one of the most beautiful, poignant and compelling orations in the form of eulogy that I have ever seen or heard, I kept thinking that I am so proud he is my President. I do not believe in any organized religion, there is way too much humanity in it with all of its greed, pettiness, fear, judgement and hatred to make it worthwhile for me. However the words grace, compassion, love and forgiveness, those words that the President used again and again, drew me in because I identify with those traits and values, I don’t need religion to tell me that those are necessary and worthwhile. How can anyone who watched, not believe that all persons are created equal, that healthcare is a right and not a privilege, that discrimination is fundamentally wrong, that we are stronger when we each have access to all basic needs and opportunities for advancement. We each and every one of us have the innate capacity to be kind, thoughtful, compassionate and loving, all the rest that is toxic is taught, if one looks to an infant, they crave warmth of touch and emotion and that need doesn’t leave, it just gets misaligned for some. We as human beings have the greatest capacity for good, we can use those powers constructively as a society to transform the status quo into something more, a society that not only believes  in opportunity and possibilities for all, but actively legislates those aspirations into reality. I hope that President Obama’s words won’t be forgotten in time for the next crisis as is too sadly often the case. 

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