No Time To Exhale: The Legal System Is Far From Finished With Obamacare

The Republican Party in its entirety, with this latest frivolous lawsuit exposes its pitiful and empty soul like never before, when will they let the Affordable Care Act do its job in peace; healthcare should be a universal right and not just a privilege for those who can afford it. Moreover if the Republican Party had done their job as legislators working for their constituents, they could have joined in the shaping of the law, instead of standing to the side and spitting on the entire process. They have shown nothing in terms of governance or leadership since they have been in charge in the House and now in the Senate they are showing to be equally incapable of doing what is right and good for the majority of Americans, the 99% who would love to have American jobs, not retail or service jobs, but good solid manufacturing jobs and green energy jobs, both would be easy to implement and invest in, if only the Republican Party would join their democratic colleagues to make it possible, but they choose not to engage in constructive lawmaking, but rather they choose to look for ways to make the lives of poverty stricken people and working people everywhere much more difficult. It isn’t right, it isn’t just and all that it does at the end of the day is drag our economy down, we could be so much more successful if we had serious positive gains across the board in terms of wages, benefits and pensions. The conservative austerity economic policies Republican governors have chosen to inflict on their constituencies have decimated their respective economic budgets, be it Wisconsin, Kansas, Louisiana and New Jersey. The Republican Party is a party bereft of ideas that actually work in the real world. However, after having said all of that, I believe that Democrats have to own the current make up of our congress, our turnout in 2014 was an embarrassment, 2016 has to be better, much better, if we ever hope to get our country turned around towards better outcomes in the future.

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