The Surprising Reason So Many People Still Don’t Like Obamacare

It’s the nuances that get you each and every time. When we ask ourselves “why did the Affordable Care Act have to be 2000 plus pages long”? The answer is simple, there were a lot of third party interests to satisfy that went beyond the interests of the American people. I have noticed that I often go back to something Senator Elizabeth Warren said when she was discussing the problem we have with our “Too Big to Fail” banks; she said that we need to make banking boring again and I think that she hit the nail right on the head. If we had public policy that was written out in simple, clear cut prose, without all of the lawyer vernacular embedded throughout, we the American people would immediately understand who stood to benefit and who stood to carry the burden of whatever bill was to be voted and perhaps sent to the President’s desk for his signature into law. I understand why the public is ambivalent over the Affordabe Care Act, first it is new and before it became law, how many of us had to grapple with nuances of healthcare coverage? Prior to this you were either covered or not, went to the doctor or not, could be covered or if you had a pre-exisiting condition, than not, it was easier to understand, a yes or no. I argue that it is the complexity of the law and all of its embedded issues that drive the American people’s ambivalence, enthusiasm or anger because when we look over to Medicare; there is no such thing as ambivalence or apathy, seniors were seen with signs “hands off my Medicare” . Our single payer system for our elderly has always been a simple formula, pay into the FICA and at age 65 you are covered under Medicare, premiums deducted from your Social Security benefits and if you can, you may take on a supplemental insurance to cover the additional 20% not covered by Medicare. If only we had had such a simple system under the Affordable Care Act, I believe that the American people would have embraced it wholeheartedly because I don’t hear of many republican lower income elderly revolting against Medicare or even Social Security for that matter. Simple is best, it secures you against scams, corruption and double-dealings. We need to remind our lawmakers of that in the future. 

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