Gun Control Measures Dormant In Congress After Charleston Shooting

I say this with complete disgust, but if we couldn’t get anything done in terms of gun control after the massacre of several children and teachers at a school in CT, we will never get it done. Our nation’s weird enthrallment over guns and the gun culture it has created with a complicated romanticization of guns, freedom and control makes any resemblance of responsible and thoughtful discussion pretty much a one-sided affair. The NRA has morphed into a caricature of its former self and the gun manufacturers simply stay silent and let the NRA do all the talking while their lobbyists grease the wheels making it political suicide to do anything but nothing when it comes to common sense legislation and regulations. The deliberate misinterpretation of the second amendment is proof positive that guns are more important than the safety and sanctity of human life. It is obvious to everyone that we have long moved past the need for well-regulated militias, they have been replaced with our local police departments, moreover we are now a unified nation with the largest military force in the world with, as I said previously, millions of local police departments, many of which have been outfitted with some serious military grade munitions and equipment, so the day of the well-regulated militia is long past, the second amendment doesn’t apply to modern day America. Our gun culture has become a toxic entity, however toxic it may be, unfortunately it is a billion dollar industry and that is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. How do we get greed out of the equation? If I had that answer, I might just be able to solve every problem on the planet.

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