Elizabeth Warren: Education Department Shouldn’t Be A ‘Lapdog’

Senator Warren is absolutely correct in her assessment that the Department of Education should be our students educational watchdog and not the private lender’s lapdog. We need to take a good long and detailed look as to why college education costs are so high, not only in the private sector but also on the state level. I know that state and federal aid has been cut drastically but still how does that explain how in just twenty years an education at a S.U.N.Y college could go from 5,000 a school year including room & board and now it is 20,000 in tuition only? Moreover, even in the private sector, how can a N.Y.U school year go from 12,000 to 39,000? What makes me laugh is when you hear anyone over the age of fifty comparing their college financial experience to what present day students are going through today. If ever there was bubble thinking, this is definitely the case. Meanwhile, we can’t deny that most students are in need of a college education or else you aren’t going anywhere in life. Is that where the crazy inflation comes from, forced demand? What else are you supposed to do when the mega-corporations out-sourced most of our jobs? It appears that the powers that be have spent all of their focus and energy on making life for the 1% extra special and easy and left everyone else and the future generations out in the cold.
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