Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Be Threatened By Elizabeth Warren

Personally I would prefer Senator Warren to Hillary Clinton as President but that is neither here nor there. Which is my point, why are the people responsible for delivering us the news, engaged in trivial pursuits of fancy such as this? It isn’t only with the ladies, the men have had the same benefit, Walker, Christie, Rubio, Cruz which one will come out on top? I would like our fourth estate, the one that is incredibly necessary in keeping our electorate informed and the politicians honest (I’m trying to type this with a straight face), to start reporting news that impacts the people in real time, such as calling out the insurance companies when they are taking advantage of consumers, highlighting the fact that Social Security doesn’t contribute to the deficit or that the corporations have stayed neck and neck with the Big Banks in getting colossally huge, and leading us into once again Monopoly issues and price fixing, there is a lack of competition in the marketplace but no one in the news media is talking about it. You really need to find your own news sources outside the mainstream and it is too time consuming for the average working person. Our fourth estate has become the corporate shill for Wall Street, that is not how they were intended to be if you read the constitution Has anyone noticed that there appears to be one memo for the three network news programs, they are identical, down to the catchword.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

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  2. I agree with you that Warren would make a better President than Hillary. However, I think that Hillary makes a better candidate, which is unfortunately more important and more appealing to the masses. I’m a huge Elizabeth Warren fan!

    1. You’re right, Hillary would make for a better candidate if only because of the money machine she has behind her, her message would appeal to the centrists whereas my preference Senator Warren is a very vocal progressive, less mainstream. Thanks for you comment! 🙂

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