The GOP Is Now Against Tax Breaks — If They Help the Middle Class Buy Health Care

If you look impartially throughout history at the global economic record, you cannot find a single instance where the wealthy became outrageously wealthy without the use of slavery, indentured servitude or some other type of criminal enterprise. That being said, it should be a no-brainer for the upper middle class, middle class and the rest of Americans to put their foot down and demand that the Republican Party stop being the whining mouthpiece of the 1%. We should be all engaged in the current grass root campaigns aimed at repealing Citizens United and also getting big money out of political campaigns. Moreover we need to continue pressuring more corporations to stop supporting ALEC, one of the more dangerous non-profit activist groups out there. If you despise “Stand Your Ground” laws, Alec is the group that wrote that “brilliant” piece of legislation. Lastly, why did the “Robber Barons” of the 1890’s get that nickname? Because they were each of them, to the one, a bunch of criminals who used philanthropy to redeem their reputations and when there is enough water under the bridge, the exploits become legend and legend becomes myth until the wheel of time comes around again and the cycle starts over, hark here we are in 2013, back to a new age of Robber Barons.
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