Mitch McConnell To John McCain And Chuck Schumer: ‘When Are You All Getting Married?’

Mitch McConnell scoffing at the idea that two senators can put aside political differences and work together for a chance to do some goood for the American people; what is more mind boggling, the idea that two politicians from opposing parties could work together or that a senior republican would scoff at them? If this wasn’t a sign from the universe to the good people of Kentucky to oust McConnell then I don’t know what is, he has from day one of President Obama’s administration made it his mission and the overall mission of the Republican Party to obstruct and sabotage any forward movement that could be seen in any sense of the word as a positive outcome for the President. In my opinion that is treasonous, the people had spoken with their ballots when they voted President Obama into office, that meant that they had endorced President Obama’s vision and it wasn’t up to McConnell to step in and try to derail that vision. I hope that come re-election time that McConnell is put out to pasture. What is too bad is that we can’t do to him what so many republicans are voting to do so to other public servants and private citizens, denying them their pensions, stating that these are too lavish to be paid out in this time of much needed austerity. Wouldn’t that be fitting, sticking to austerity when it comes to denying benefits to those republicans who are austerity’s most ardent supporters?
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