Why Republicans Are Disciplined and Democrats Aren’t

Yes I am a progressive, a bookworm, someone who enjoys reading and searching for answers, someone who questions authority but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be called on to provide consistency and discipline as long as the legislation is sound. I think that the ideology that dominates the conservative mindset is actually pretty simple and easy to explain despite the fact that it only works for the already wealthy; cut taxes and deregulate the financial sector and sit back and see what happens. Well since the late 1970’s we have sat back and seen what happened with that simple message, it was to the ruin of our former strong middle class. Unfortunately the progressives, in their frantic search for solutions to the problem of income inequality and the frightening increase in the numbers of working poor, had a large number of democrats sell out to the Wall Street groups to stay funded and alive in political races, pretty much they sold their souls. The Republican Party successfully branded the democrats as the tax and spend party and despite good old Ronald Reagan who did the taxing and spending, he is still billed as the father of conservatism. That is how good they are at sticking to the script which in my opinion, makes them bad leaders, because they are incapable of soul searching and recognizing that their theories are incorrect and detrimental to an overall productive and equitable economy.
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