John Boehner: No Debt Ceiling Hike Without Spending Cuts

Has anyone thought to alert Speaker Boehner that the sequestration cuts have already taken place and they are hurting several sectors of our populace, specifically the most unfortunate of them? Moreover hasn’t he been made aware of the fact that our deficits are falling and that we even had a monthly surplus? Is he even knowledgeable that the stock market is still experiencing all time highs, that corporations are sitting on loads of cash and that the wealthiest among us have seen massive gains in our recovery? What is Boehner thinking? The only cuts left to make are those that would enrage his corporate friends; the big banks, big oil and big agriculture, all those subsidies that the taxpayers give over to make life for these corproate giants as plentiful as possible. Imagine how our society would look if we exhibited the same largess d’esprit for our fellow average person? We might have affordable education, single payer health care coverage for all, living wages and a better sense of opportunity and possibility. Wouldn’t it be nice?
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