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Oklahoma Senators Jim Inhofe, Tom Coburn, Face Difficult Options On Disaster Relief

Given both their track records, senators Coburn and Inhofe, regarding their votes rejecting aid to other parts of the nation when disaster struck, how do they explain themselves to their constituents and to their fellow senators? Coburn and Inhofe apparently prideful of their reputations as fiscal hawks, will willingly cut from other programs to subsidize […]

Tea Party Looks To Gain Momentum In IRS Scandal Aftermath

I understand how to those within the Tea Party faction, this would be one of the ultimate political scandals of all time, it directly involves taxes, government oversight and government burearocracy and misguided intentions. However I would say that if you aren’t one of the Tea Party denizens than I think that the real question […]

How GOP Obstruction Will Ruin The Republican Party

I try to listen to the conservatives whenever they appear on Real Time with Bill Maher and they, to the one, all worship at the altar of the “free markets”. My eyes glaze over each and every time because this “free market” doesn’t exist. Corporate America receives subsidies from the government, that fact alone negates […]

Obama Student Loan Policy Under Scrutiny As Congress Tackles Student Borrowing Costs

This is precisely why sentor Warren’s bill needs to pass, student loans shouldn’t be penalized wiith interest rates at 3.4 %, let alone at 6.8%, when the Fed charges banks practically nothing for interbank lending. We should as a nation be investing in our students, but not as a means of short term profit, but […]

House Votes For Obamacare Repeal Again

According to some, this vote was held at our taxpayer expense so that the freshmen representatives could go home and tell their constituents “I voted for Obamacare’s repeal, I voted for your freedom from unwanted government intrusion in your health.” These same freshmen; I wonder if they will tell their constituents that they probably voted […]

The IRS Was Dead Right To Scrutinize Tea Party

In light of the Citizens United ruling and the Koch brothers along with their other colleagues such as Sheldon Adelson; I don’t see why the I.R.S scrutinizing their tax exempt status would be an issue. As Mr. Goodman wrote the coverup by lying to congress is the real transgression in my opinion. Stephen Colbert had […]

Deficit To Shrink Rapidly Through 2015 Due To Rising Revenues, CBO Reports (VIDEO)

In a sane world, this would be considered good news. Having said that, there is nothing sane going on in Washington D.C. I am a progressive and seeing the deficits decrease so rapidly makes me nervous because this will only fuel the conservatives zeal in continued spending cuts. I realize that there are two ideologies […]

IRS Tea Party Scandal, Benghazi Give Obama New Governing Headaches

This had become a thorny mess. I personally would love to see Eric Holder replaced as Attorny General with someone much more progressive, who would take on the Big Banks and bring criminal charges against them, who would cease and desist from the outrageously expensive drug war and stop the vicious cycle of horrendous drug […]

IRS Acted Alone In Developing Targeting Criteria For Conservative Groups: Report

This is news why? The tax-exempt status needs to be re-examined and pronto, perhaps this will be the kick in the shin necessary to move that conversation along. Why are religious organizations tax exempt when many of their ministers and bishops throw in their political opinions on political programs and using their positions to influence […]

Americans Often Agree On Contentious Issues, Even When Politicians Don’t

I think that this genuinely reflects the disconnect between the top 2% of the nation and the rest of the United States. The concerns of the average American are so divorced from the reality of the wealthy class that of course the two demographics don’t mesh or coincide. Unfortunately for the majority of Americans we […]