Michele Bachmann Retiring From Congress In 2014 (VIDEO)

I am very happy to see Michele Bachmann retire, her brand of persecution and conspiracy theories did far more harm than good. She, along with her other Tea Party allies, redirected too much of our congress’ time and our taxpayer dollars to issues that weren’t real. Moreover her attempts to malign our President with accusations of Hitler like behavior, socialist and fascist behavior, along with accusing our President of not being American, helped to create an atmosphere within the halls of congress that was divisive and subversive. Our nation has a lot on its plate and we do not need politicians such as Michele Bachmann who would rather put our economy in jeopardy, our nation’s poor in further states of distress, all for an ideology that isn’t shared by most and goes against many of the church’s teachings that she is so very fond of parroting non stop. She obviously cannot see her hypocrisy and now that she will no longer be in office, neither will we be forced to any longer. Thank goodness, there is a silver lining within dark storm clouds.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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