Obama Forgets To Salute Marine, Awkwardly Makes It Up To Him

There are so many criticisms over the salute; when to give them, who to salute, how to salute. If I were the marine, given the responsibility of guarding my President, I would be touched that despite everything going on in the world and on my President’s plate, that my President realized his oversight and turned around, came back out of the helicopter to apologize and shake my hand. That would mean more to me than any perfunctory salute. Sometimes it is the realization of an oversight or taking something for granted and redressing it that means so much more. I find that our President shows us practically on a daily basis that he is a person of class, humility, grace and compassion. The pundits, the republicans, all who sit there waiting and rubbing their hands in anticipation of any mistake just to pounce and denounce would sink a weaker individual, but our President rises again for another day to try to lead our country back onto a stronger recovery and putting forth hopefully, meaningful and constructive legislation, that will serve our interests and our people as a whole. I support our President and I am weary of the crazy conspiracy theories that Fox News and their conservative followers keep yelling out.
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