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Obama On Size Of Navy: ‘We Also Have Fewer Horses And Bayonets’ (VIDEO)

I feel that our President did an excellent job of showing Romney’s foreign policy inconsistencies and his lack of a core set of principles regarding the United States and its role in World Affairs. However I was dismayed that throughout the debate, not once did the President mention climate change as a foreign policy concern. […]

What Was the Debate Subject, Again?

I thought that President Obama won this debate hands down, not only through his off the cuff cleverness and excellent wittisms, horse and bayonets anyone, but also by showing Romney’s all around inconsistencies on foreign policy. President Obama forcefully highlighted several Etch a Sketch moments that Romney was trying to push through the debate and […]

Iran Talks Surprise Has Observers Mystified Ahead Of Foreign Policy Debate

As long as there are talks, dialogues; however the diplomats and negotiators care to phrase it, I am content. Iran and their nuclear energy program needs to be transparent as does each and every nuclear country in the world. We continue to focus on Iran but in my mind Pakistan is a much more troubling […]

Presidential Debate 2012: Obama, Romney Have Final Showdown In Boca Raton

I am disappointed that Bob Shieffer is moderating this debate, he doesn’t challenge anyone when they come on his show Face the Nation and he is an established part of the Beltway mentality meaning that he views politics and political choices through such a narrow lens as to be devoid of any reality to us […]

Why I’m Supporting President Obama

I agree completely with Robert Redford. We as citizens of this grand and beautiful country cannot afford to put someone in the White House that will rescind everything that President Obama has put in place to further increase the security of our natural habitat. It would be a sin against nature, we are the stewards […]

James Carville, Stanley Greenberg Say Obama Economy Message Is Working

Real time with Bill Maher was very telling in terms of how awful the republican bubble really is, Bill Maher had two republicans, one a reporter from U.S News and the other had a book about “Voter Fraud” to hawk, the two were yelling that we are absolutely worse off now than four years ago. […]

On Libya, Winning Debate On Semantics, Missing The Point: The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup For Oct. 19

The republicans are the champions when it comes to word play, “job creators”, “death panels”; Frank Luntz has built a career in teaching republican politicians exactly how to phrase their policies and their criticisms to elicit certain responses. The far right is wasting our time with their harping on “fantasy land” scenarios that are created […]

Binders Full of Women: Romney Still Struggles to Find Us Relevant

What I don’t appreciate chez Mitt Romney is that he lied with such ease about looking for candidates instead of affirming that women of intelligence, ambition and strong civic calling came to him prepared to contribute to his administration. He couldn’t give those women the respect that they deserved, instead he had to paint it […]

Joe Walsh On Abortion: No Exception For ‘Life Of The Mother’ Thanks To ‘Advances In Science And Technology’

Joe Walsh apparently is ignorant of our embarrassing low rank in maternal mortality amongst the OECD rankings.Life and health of the mother are serious consequences to pregnancies and not all women are lucky when it comes to bearing children. Walsh speaks to federally funded abortions, however he and his party are seeking to deprive Planned […]

Our Superheroes Romney and Ryan: Why You Should Hope Republicans Win the Presidential Election

I appreciate and try to show respect for other people’s point of view. I disagree with everything that Doctor Sheets has written about our President and his beliefs. I know that our President believes in our country, our people and he is trying to get congress to get it together to pass legislation such as […]