Romney’s vision for us

I firmly believe that Romney’s vision for the United States doesn’t include us, the average American, I believe his vision is really for the investors and the C.E.O’s of this country. I also believe that no matter how hard and how often Romney is trying to be a moderate, once in the White House, Romney would full on embrace his severely conservative inner persona and herald in a revival of the Bush/Cheney neoconservative agenda both domestically and internationally.



  1. Democrats are in trouble! Am I the only one troubled by recent political changes in our internet? From the start of Romney’s being the Republican nominee for president I have fact checked every issue. Suddenly I find the internet has changed. It appears that at least hundreds of totally new entry’s totally OBLITERATE EVERY SINGLE ISSUE in favor of Romney…it’s as if he has been able to do a mass information dump and make sites that state positive info about him as the only ones available to fact check against.

    It’s as if none of the previous sites even exist and this just weeks before the election!

    1. Thanks for commenting and I am nervous as well. The huge super PAC money is on Romney’s side and they are flooding every media outlet with Romney lies. I would have thought that after the two last debates, President Obama would have gotten bigger bumps but apprentently it didn’t happen. I am voting Obama/Biden I want a better future for my kids and this country.

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