‘The Broccoli Horrible’: Ginsburg Shreds Roberts

Ruth Ginsberg, in her argument has perfectly defanged the substance of the analogy between car insurance and health insurance, I can only hope that in the domain of law, attorney’s can use her dissent against Robert’s reasoning as a valid argument in future cases. I have been confused as to why private health insurance companies operating across state lines, as many do, would not fall under the inter state commerce clause thus under Congress’s power to regulate. Blue Cross Blue Shield is all over the United States so given that states have different regulations and different standards, wouldn’t the federal government need oversight since all Americans would be consumers, but in different states so to protect everyone equally there would have to be a central referee, thus the need for Congress. It seems to me so obvious and I still don’t understand why the republicans are trying to deny all these private health insurance companies instant access to millions of new customers. They don’t care who pays the premiums as long as they get their money.
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